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About College

About College
Vision & Mission
       Education leads to all round development of human being. It equips him with universal approach, practical wisdom and professional skills. It is relatively easy to create educational ambience at developed places but a great challenge in remote areas of the nation. GLA College has taken this challenge since the time of its establishment and has proved its worth. College has a deep-rooted commitment for guiding its pupils towards exemplifying best-practices in the educational field. The Ultimate goal is to form efficient and insightful men and women who master their subject of knowledge along with skills within a constructivist paradigm and who express vision and leadership in social transformations. They direct themselves and others toward becoming well-prepared future citizens of a globally oriented, pluralistic, and democratic society.

Based on such greater vision we as an educational institution have our mission as follows:
Creating such ambience where thrust for knowledge be natural among students.
Equipping students with latest advances in their related fields of study.
Focus on human values to develop personalities of integrity.
Designing curriculum in such a way that meets the need of the hour.
Focus on women’s education to make them equal counterpart in all round development.
Ensuring the fulfilment of objectives of the Higher Education Policies that economically and socially backward classes of the society should be uplifted.
Promoting research orientation and atmosphere as far as possible.
Promoting equity and excellence in education and overcoming the gap in educational access and achievement between the most and least advantaged groups.